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Trader Information

Below are the details we have for traders and others requiring stands. If you have any queries please do not hesitate to contact our trader liaison

Indoor Traders:

Apparatus Price
Tables (each) £17 (TBC)
Rear Table (each) £10 (TBC)
Power £8 (TBC)

Outdoor Traders:

Apparatus Price
Five Metres Frontage £35 (TBC)
Additional Metres (each) £7 (TBC)


Apparatus Price
Tables (each, indoors) £14.00 (TBC)
Power £6 (TBC)

Flea Market:

Apparatus Price
Std. trestle table (outdoors). £10 (TBC)

Car Boot:

Apparatus Price
Now available at new location by car parks £10 - single car & one table only

If you are interested in being a Trader or Exhibitor at the Telford Hamfest please call.