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Telford Hamfest 2014

Telford Hamfest 2012

Telford Hamfest 2011
Special Event - Using Antennas As Sky Hooks

This year, our guest speaker was Roger Stafford, G4ROJ, who presented a talk and demonstration on using kites as antenna sky-hooks. This is a great way to hold up many types of antennas at heights that are quite impossible from home, or even most portable sites.

Louis Varney G5RV Cup awarded to Paul Robinson, 2E1EUB

AMSAT-UK has awarded The Louis Varney G5RV Cup for Space Communications to Paul Robinson, 2E1EUB. The cup is awarded for advances in space communication. The presentation, by RSGB President Dave Wilson, M00BW, took place at the Telford Hamfest on Sunday, September 4, 2011. Paul was nominated by AMSAT-UK for his work promoting and encouraging the use of amateur radio satellites and perfecting the art of a portable ground station

Telford Hamfest 2009

Telford Hamfest 2009 - Special Event
GEO - the Group for Earth Observation

Telford Hamfest 2008

Hamfest 2008 Special Guest

Jet Power a.k.a Adrian Bennett whose hobby is retrofitting jet engines to everyday vehicles. Here you can see a Provost jet attached to a Bedford Rascal van. What's more they all work and it gives the van a bit of a boost in 0-60 times

Telford Hamfest 2007

Telford Hamfest 2006

Telford Rally 2005

Telford Rally 2005 prize draw winner Geoff KD5QEM shown in his shack and with his prize in operation.

Telford Rally 2004

Telford Rally 2004 prize draw winner Peter G4ADJ shown in his shack with his prize.