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Special Features

Last event (2019) Special Features included:
A Buildathon session featured an update of a classic George G3RJV VFO Project, followed by a best stability check!
The Social and Buildathon ran from 7:00-10:30pm in a Conference suite. All necessary tools and components were provided. This year, the G-QRP Club have decided to hold their Convention on-line, but we anticipate their return in 2022.

At the 2019 Telford HamFest itself, we had 3 presentations, including a Skype interactive session to Australia with Peter Parker VK3YE, a talk from Colin G3VTT "Salt water & QRP - a tale from a radio ship" and Heather Lomond M0HMO "Sheep worrier: A Multi-Band High Altitude Balloon Flight and Recovery System" following on from the previous evenings G-QRP mini-convention and Buildathon.

Talks lasted for about 40 minutes apiece, so there was still plenty of time to visit all the HamFest stands, both inside and outdoors

An equally compelling programme of presentations will be arranged by Telford & DARS this year, whilst G-QRP are organising a separate online Convention.

RSGB regional stand & bookstall

The RSGB regional stand & bookstall will follow the same format as previous years. All the most popular titles with a great saving on postage and time, and a chance to browse the latest releases.The organisers have requested that titles covering QRP and Construction should be in abundance.

Bring and Buy Stand

The Bring and Buy stand is always popular. Unlike other rallies, we charge NO BOOKING-IN FEE - so it costs you nothing to try and sell equipment, aerials etc. If your kit is sold, the organisers (Telford & DARS) simply take a 10% commission.
So you have a Win / Win arrangement for you and the buyers.